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Khanate of Orion
Head of State The Khan
Establishment Second Terran War
Alignment Pro-Senate
Governing Body Privy Council of Orion
Capital Gamma Orionis
Population Lots
Government Types
Language(s) Rion, English
Race(s) Tabbies
Military Forces Royal Orion Navy
Fleets Lots


A space faring nation of what looks like bipedal cats, their own name and language consisting of what sounds like two cats mating in an iron works, they were called Orions by the Terrans who first encountered them (their home is located in the region of Orion when seen from Terra). The Khanate is a strongly honour based society, with great emphasis placed on personal honour through combat with one's enemies. The nickname for their race is "the Tabbies".

Famed for their fighter craft and tactics, they eschew larger classes of ships other than carriers.

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